Amazing Sharp Sword This The World's Most

Amazing Sharp Sword This The World's Most | Probably we wondered in the past how technology is done in the manufacture of armaments such as swords. When looking at the enemy with iron clad, we would be able to anticipate it as a thing that is quite difficult to crack. But do not be mistaken, sword they produce at that time believed recognized among the sharpest sword in the world. Imagine the enemy armor worn, considered too easily penetrated

Sharpness to penetrate armor crusader sword cut two opponents, splitting and rock armor without incurring damage to the eyes.

Damascus sword prowess made famous by calling this Persian Sword overpower the Japanese Katana sword and a sword belonging to King Arthur's Excalibur.

Sword "Damascus" used Salahuddin Al-Ayyubi

This sword is made of iron steel "damascus" secret techniques coated with CNT (Carbon Nano Tubes) which makes it very sharp and FLEXIBLE. Terahsia sword making art is greatly admired by the Western tribes.

 Prof Dr. Peter Paufler of Germany acknowledges the greatness of this sword

Modern metallurgical research so far today, still not able to produce high-tech sword (NANO technology) of Islamic civilization in the 12th century, this.

After a long time this sword will be the secret efficacy, western researchers have finally managed to unravel the mysteries of this sword.

Rod "Damascus" Nano-sized sword in Salahuddin Al-Ayyubi

Apparently there is a sword in the rod tube "Damascus" nano-sized flexible, not easily broken and always sharp even able to cut through anything.

What is CNT?

Rod "Damascus" chain of carbon atoms form a very great

CNT is a chain of carbon atoms bonded to each other in hexagonal shaped cylinder with a diameter as small as 1-2 nanometers. CNT cylinder can reach a length of up to tens of microns and closed at the end seemed a pipe that is closed at both ends.

Characterization performed on this material also explained that the CNT has the highest strength than other materials. It also has an electrically conductive than copper and metal. The uniqueness of carbon nano tube to another is to have a resistance to high temperatures and has a mass that is lighter than aluminum.

NANO technology.

Salahuddin Al-Ayyubi led the Muslim army in the crusade of the 12th century

The greatness of Salahuddin Al-Ayyubi sword was unearthed by Prof Dr. Peter Paufler from Germany. Prof. CNT is found in the weaponry sword used by the armies of Islam at that time when the Crusaders. CNT, which makes the army sword is very sharp but flexible.

Salahuddin Al-Ayyubi

NANO technology uses iron fertilizer "damascus" which is also called wootz. Iron ore contains a percentage of the element carbon. In addition to iron and carbon, elements such as chromium, manganese, cobalt is also added to increase the strength, sharpness and  flexibility.

 Sword prowess feared enemies of Islam

This sword making techniques so secret so that only a few families in Damascus smiths who master only. Finally in the 18th century, this sword manufacturing technologies have become extinct.

West of the study text Sword "Damascus"

All that remained was the swords, spears and knives are now scattered in various Museums around the world. Just reminds us that Islamic Civilization Great Technology has lost in the underground days.

Extraordinary! This tarantula uttermost Human Interface

New SPECIES sized tarantula found Inhabit human face in the jungles of northern Sri Lanka.

Cited MailOnline, scientists spokesman Biodiversity Research Centre and School of Sri Lanka told, rajaei Poecilotheria species is capable of moving at least 20.3 centimeters.

Reveals researchers, poisonous tarantula found in a dilapidated quarters in this very different Mankulan for rare species in the world.

"After a few days doing research on this tarantula, we found this species living in the trees and the woodland," said Ranil Nanayakkara.

He said wildlife is classified as safe for so easily adapt to the environment but able to extinction if their habitat destroyed by development.

Actual situation Apartment In Hong Kong!

There's no denying, the property values ​​are now increasingly soaring from year to year. Do not say the rate of sales, rentals have the same. But do not be surprised if we are around the apartment in Hong Kong. There they build housing estates with hundreds storey apartment

Due to some unavoidable issues, only 23.7% of land in Hong Kong's development. And of that percentage, only 6.8% used to build accommodation residents. So indirectly, Hong Kong is the most populated country with humans in a region of the world. Imagine a square mile inhabited by 6,400 residents. Indirectly, meaning many high apartment or condo in Hong Kong in an area to accommodate all the people. Try to see yourself the living conditions.

Birds smile?

Birds smile? Strange sounds. If owls are smiling? Another is the strange sounds. Owls normally seen at night because at that time the bird was seen perched on a branch in a tree.

share with you about some owl photo collection is seen smiling. Cute. Let's look at the picture below.

Scientists Discover The Evil In Human Brain

The findings German neurologists managed to find part of the brain that makes humans become evil. Dr. Gerhard Roth said that the future lies in the human brain that looks like a black blob through an X-ray.

"Black spots are found on almost every perpetrator of the crime," he said as the reported Daily Herald Online.

He found it when making a study of the German criminal offenders are incarcerated for long periods. Research shows evil behavior can also be inherited genetically.

"If there are family members with the disease at the front of the brain, by 66 percent next generation potentially suffer the same symptoms," he explained.

Comments: In the Qur'an called "Nasiyyahtin kazibatin khati'ah" meaning "crown who make false and guilty" .. If this finding is true, it is 'i'jaz quran' which proves the truth of the contents of the Quran.

Extraordinary! Who owned giant's heart?

Extraordinary! Who owned giant's heart?

Extraordinary! Who owned giant's heart? | This is believed to be the heart of a giant whale. Perhaps a bit weird is not it? It seems like a form of brain looks great. However, these whales heart was embalmed and experiments are being made in a foreign medical university. Let us look at the picture below.

10 Facts! How Japan Can Achieve Progress?

10 Facts! How Japan Can Achieve Progress?

1. In Japan in early elementary school teaching up to degree six with a subject called "The Road towards Morals" where students learn the morals / ethics and how to deal with people.

2. There is no failure / failure in early primary school up to three mid-level, because its objective is to educate and instill the concept and personal formation / character, not just education and indoctrination (dictation).

3. Japan even though one of the richest country in the world, they do not have a maid (Servants), responsible parents at home and on their children.

4. Japanese children clean their schools every day for 20min alongside their teachers. These factors lead towards the emergence of a middle generation Japanese and interest towards cleanliness.

5. School children will bring a toothbrush that has been "disinfected" / Sterilize, and they clean their teeth every time after school to maintain healthy eating at a young age.

6. The school principal will students eat for half an hour to ensure their safety, as principals assume students are the future of Japan should be protected.

7. Cleaning workers in Japan known as "The Engineer Health" that his salary of 5000 to 8000 USD per month, subject to the written and oral tests.

8. In ban cellphone use in train / rail, restaurants and enclosed places, and named status 'silent' on the mobile phone as a "moral / ethical"

9. If you go to a Japanese restaurant at the buffet, you will find that everyone will take the food to the rates is required only, and will not leave any food on the platter.

10. Rate delay train / train was about 7 seconds in a year, because they are the people who know the value of time, and like the accuracy of the seconds and minutes.


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