Scientists Discover The Evil In Human Brain

The findings German neurologists managed to find part of the brain that makes humans become evil. Dr. Gerhard Roth said that the future lies in the human brain that looks like a black blob through an X-ray.

"Black spots are found on almost every perpetrator of the crime," he said as the reported Daily Herald Online.

He found it when making a study of the German criminal offenders are incarcerated for long periods. Research shows evil behavior can also be inherited genetically.

"If there are family members with the disease at the front of the brain, by 66 percent next generation potentially suffer the same symptoms," he explained.

Comments: In the Qur'an called "Nasiyyahtin kazibatin khati'ah" meaning "crown who make false and guilty" .. If this finding is true, it is 'i'jaz quran' which proves the truth of the contents of the Quran.

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