10 Facts! How Japan Can Achieve Progress?

10 Facts! How Japan Can Achieve Progress?

1. In Japan in early elementary school teaching up to degree six with a subject called "The Road towards Morals" where students learn the morals / ethics and how to deal with people.

2. There is no failure / failure in early primary school up to three mid-level, because its objective is to educate and instill the concept and personal formation / character, not just education and indoctrination (dictation).

3. Japan even though one of the richest country in the world, they do not have a maid (Servants), responsible parents at home and on their children.

4. Japanese children clean their schools every day for 20min alongside their teachers. These factors lead towards the emergence of a middle generation Japanese and interest towards cleanliness.

5. School children will bring a toothbrush that has been "disinfected" / Sterilize, and they clean their teeth every time after school to maintain healthy eating at a young age.

6. The school principal will students eat for half an hour to ensure their safety, as principals assume students are the future of Japan should be protected.

7. Cleaning workers in Japan known as "The Engineer Health" that his salary of 5000 to 8000 USD per month, subject to the written and oral tests.

8. In ban cellphone use in train / rail, restaurants and enclosed places, and named status 'silent' on the mobile phone as a "moral / ethical"

9. If you go to a Japanese restaurant at the buffet, you will find that everyone will take the food to the rates is required only, and will not leave any food on the platter.

10. Rate delay train / train was about 7 seconds in a year, because they are the people who know the value of time, and like the accuracy of the seconds and minutes.

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