6 Facts About the Samsung Company

 6 Facts About Samsung Company | Mention Samsung, look at the Samsung brand will surely haunt our minds about cutting-edge smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S3, S2, and others. But the mind now. In the past, Samsung built a name with electronic goods such as televisions, LCD monitors and so on. Did you know that Samsung is not only doing business based on electronic products, but it has a big project that not everyone knows. What are these projects?

Previously, Samsung is considered as brand electronics into two classes. Quality of their products are considered less and less status than other brands, particularly brands from Japan.
But Samsung's hard work finally paid off. Until finally the vendor comes from South Korea is currently a world-class electronics manufacturer reckoned with. Want to know some interesting facts about the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world? Invite to read.
1. Got a Business In The Field Construction and Shipping

Samsung Electronics manufactures smartphones, freezer, washing machine up is part of a conglomerate called the Samsung Group. Samsung Group operates in more than 80 business sectors.
In the construction industry, there is a subsidiary of Samsung Engineering and Samsung C & T. They are among the developing Burj Khalifa in Dubai, UAE, the world's tallest building status. Even one of the Petronas Twin Towers in Malaysia, also built by Samsung
In addition, Samsung also have the Samsung Heavy Industries engaged in the shipping industry. Ditilik the income side, this division is the second largest producer of ships in the world.
Samsung Group also has Everland, an amusement theme park famous and oldest in South Korea. They also have a total insurance companies and car manufacturers are working with Renault.
2. Family-run enterprises

Samsung is a chaebol. Chaebol is the term for a large conglomerate enterprises run by families for generations.
Samsung was founded by Lee Byung-chull. After his death, the leadership at Samsung continued by Lee Kun-hee who is the third son of Byung-chull.
Lee was very powerful family in Samsung. Lee Kun-hee's son named Lee Jae-yong, currently serves as president and chief operating officer of Samsung Electronics.
Lee Kun-hee himself had overflowed and property in the list of the richest people in the world. According to estimates by Forbes magazine, he has kekayaanber value of USD 10.8 billion (Rs 33 billion).
3. Starting from Mie Company
Initially, Samsung is absolutely no produce electronic goods. The company was founded by Lee Byung-chull in 1938 as a food trading company.
Samsung when, among others, produce noodles and regional headquarters in Daegu, South Korea. This successful business and later moved its headquarters to Seoul.
After the Korean war finished, Samsung started its business expand. In 1954, Samsung developed the largest cotton clothing factory in South Korea.
Successful in the business field dirintisnya, Samsung finally decided in the electronics business in 1960. Their first product is a black and white television sail.
4. Samsung Success Secrets
In 1993, Lee Kun-hee as Samsung Chairman visited around the world. He wanted to know how the international market perceptions of the Samsung-made products.
Lee was unhappy. In California, the United States, he saw a television Samsung is the bottom shelf and hidden. Television while Sony and Panasonic are on the top shelf a conspicuous consumer.
Lee intends to change class electronics manufacturer Samsung become a respected one. He then gathered Samsung executives in Germany in order to transform it quickly.
Speech when it was named as the Frankfurt Declaration Of 1993. Lee insists Samsung strategy should be modified to catch competitors.
"Transform all other wives and your children," explained Lee. Since then, Samsung really evolved into a respected electronics manufacturers.
5. Electronics manufacturer Monster
Since the 1990s, Samsung Electronics specifically reach the pinnacle of success. They became the largest producer of memory chips in the world in 1992 and number two chipmaker after Intel.
Viewed from units sold, Samsung is currently the largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world to replace Nokia. Last year, Samsung sold 215.8 million mobile units. More from the combination of three mobile phone manufacturers ranking below.
They also status as a television producer with the highest level of sales since 2006.
Samsung's success in many areas of electronics making electronics manufacturers from Japan to miss. Since 2005, the Samsung brand is more popular than Sony according to Interbrand study.
6. Dubbed the Republic of South Korea Samsung

Samsung features its very important economic role for South Korea. Chance, 17% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of South Korea are from Samsung.
Samsung-made products and services almost touch all areas of society South Korea. This last is not much business has been consolidated from Samsung.
South Koreans may wear Samsung smartphones and lived in the apartment made by Samsung as well. And take cover Samsung Life.
And the top management is very powerful Samsung also NM.
"You could even say Samsung chairman more powerful than the president of South Korea. Korean people felt Samsung's untouchable and was on the law "says Woo Suk-hoon, an economic analyst.

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